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European Territorial Cooperation Programmes (ETCP), GREECE-ITALY 2007-2013
Efficient Irrigation Management Tools for Agricultural Cultivations and Urban Landscapes
Subsidy Contract No: I3.11.06
DROPS Program for Rainwater
Harvesting Education
The California State Water Resources
Control Board announced 30 school
districts and institutions throughout
California will receive more than $30
mn in funds to educate students and
create on-campus projects relating to
stormwater capture and water
conservation. With a fourth year of
record-setting drought, programs such
as DROPS play an important role in
educating our young folks about the
different ways we can conserve water,
especially with our current drought
conditions. Students are expected to
see first-hand how stormwater capture
systems work right on their campuses.
They'll also be taught the importance
of conservation and how they can be
good stewards of one of our most
precious resources. The goal with this
effort is for students to take this
information home and share it with
their families, creating entire water-
wise households.
Agriculture from 'Landsat Imagery:
A Unique Resource'
USGS provides a very useful
collection of remote sensing resources
and data.